We are our history, our family which has been living in the restaurant business for many years.

To begin with was our grandmother, known as Eni, who, after the first post-war period, had to strive to support her family and did so by turning her small shop into an inn. At Passo d’Acera she started her business and even today some of our customers remember her truffle omelettes. Our mother Rosella, who like all the children of our family learned to work by playing among the tables and the kitchen, once married together with our aunt Asia, wanted to start the business she had learned from childhood here in the Palazzo del PapaIn 1969 the Palazzo del Papa was born! The small rooms were placed on the first floor, the tablecloths obtained from the wedding clothes. In 1975 the restaurant moved to the ground floor and since then there has been a constant and incessant work to improve the rooms, which have been gradually restructured and adapted to the progressive needs of the customers. Although many things have changed since then, genuineness, cordiality and love for this work have remained intact, faithfully handed down, as a secret, from one generation to another.

Today, to welcome you, you will find Luca who opens the doors of our restaurant to our customers daily: he is the landlord who takes care to satisfy the most disparate needs, trying to put everyone at ease according to their needs with the spirit of welcome which is typical of the Umbria! To help him in the room his brother Fabio, who takes care of the Cellar‘s duty and pleasure! In the kitchen the dishes are prepared by Ilaria, Luca’s wife, who, helped by a good staff who grew up with us, renews the taste for good food. The dishes offered are both those of the Umbrian tradition, partly revisited to enhance the products of the region, and new courses which, in line with our flavours, are based on excellent products  from other places, both Italian and not.

Like us yesterday, and our mother before us, today,  Eleonora, Filippo and Ludovica “run” among the tables, the hope that our tradition continues beyond our limits!